Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vignettes Antiques San Diego

"I promptly said that life was a
random series of beautifully composed
vignettes, loosely tied together by a 
string of characters and time." 
                 ~Mahbod Seraji 

   If you ever peruse my Pinterest boards, particularly the one dedicated to dream shopping destinations, you will probably discover that about 75% of the pictures are of the same store. This is because I have been dreaming about this particular shop since I first saw photos of it years ago and it has become something of a fantasy for me. I had placed it at the top of my daydream shopping scenarios - right up there with Paris in fact! I told myself that one day I would get to see it and by complete chance and happy circumstances my dream came true! The shop is called VIGNETTES and it is just one of the beautiful antique stores to be found in the Ocean Beach antique district of San Diego California. It sits two blocks from the ocean under an elegant black and white striped awning and is home to a paradise of treasures. I have never been so excited to step through a door and I was definitely not disappointed!  Layered ornate frames, draping lace and chandeliers, French curio cabinets filled with vintage tiaras, entire rooms glinting gold with Italian tole ware and Florentine - I was in immediate heaven! The trouble as always is choosing what special treasures to bring home and because I was travelling I was limited to smaller items. I will definitely have to return to this dream spot again one day but for now here is a little glimpse of my visit! 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Madeleine L'Amour

"C'est une belle journée 
pour être heureux." 

   Have you ever walked into a shop and just frozen on the spot absolutely mesmerized by the beauty that surrounds you? Has a place ever left you utterly speechless (or in my case squealing like a little girl) because the artistry of the displays and the beautiful treasures laid out in tempting vignettes feels like something you have only imagined in your daydreams? If you have experienced this then maybe you've visited Madeleine L'Amour in Bountiful Utah! I have been following this gorgeous shop and its lovely owners on Instagram and their blog for quite some time and never dreamt that I would have a chance this year to visit their little paradise. I can honestly say that I have never been in such a lovely store before in my life! Drippy crystal chandeliers send glittering light across a soft tableau of painted vintage furniture pieces displaying everything from romantic home decor and party decorations to jewelry, perfume, giftware, and of course endless flowers. It was one of the highlights of my vacation getting to visit this gorgeous store and meet one of the amazing ladies behind it! I came away with some lovely souvenirs of my visit including a beautiful Catherine Popesco bracelet, lace sachets, apron, and velvet millinery roses from Miss Rose Sister Violet, tea party plates (because you can never have too many of those), ribbons, and more! Thankyou so much Madeleine L'Amour for making my vacation extra special!! I will dream about my next visit and hopefully it won't be too far away!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Vintage Marketplace

"Great journey, great joy."
        ~Lailah Gifty Akita

   I'm back!! Back from one of the most amazing holidays I have ever been on! It was truly a vacation of dreams come true for me. I will share everything with you here and first of all I am going to show you pictures from the prettiest vintage sale I've been to in my life! I have always longed to go to The Vintage Marketplace show in Temecula California. I have looked at pictures of the gorgeous stalls by some of my favourite ladies like Christie Repasy, Three Sisters, and The Shabby Chateau and yearned to be there - well this past weekend my dream became a reality! I got to walk through those tents filled with treasures in the morning sunshine and soak up all the loveliness. It was wonderful and I came away with some beautiful keepsakes. Here are the quick photos I snapped during my blissful morning at the marketplace... 

My shop will be reopening today and new treasures will be added over the next few weeks!